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Samson's Sight Word Games and Activities for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Kindergarten or first grade, your little ones are provided with a fun and interactive way to learn sight words. Samson's sight word games and activities are loaded with valuable lessons in spelling and reading comprehension. Try our online sight word games!
Sight Words, Spelling, Reading
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The quickest way to learn about Samson's Classroom is to watch the demo video. It's about 3 minutes long and shows the software in action.
Click here to give Samson's Classroom a try. We won't force you to set up an account to try it, that's so annoying.
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About Sight Words with Samson

Samson's Sight Word Games and Activities: Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Make learning to read and spell fun with Samson's Classroom, the revolutionary new program that brings together sight words, spelling, and reading into one program that kids will love. With Samson's Classroom you will use online sight word games, reading fun, and spelling challenges to get your students motivated to learn. Our sight word games, reading, and spelling activities are engaging for both students and teachers. Samson's Classroom is simple to get started and easy to use. There are no CDs to wait for or downloads to install. Once you have signed up and paid for our service, all you have to do is login. Samson's Classroom will help your students become better readers with sight word activities, reading games, and spelling fun.

Since 2007, students have played more than 4 million Samson's Classroom games. That means we are averaging about 250,000 games played per month. So what keeps students playing Samson's Classroom again and again? Well, there are a lot of reading and spelling programs out there, but none of them take our approach of combining sight words, spelling, and reading into one program that is actually fun for kids to use. Our online sight words, spelling and reading games, engage students in a way that allows them to have fun without even realizing that they are learning.

What exactly are sight words? They are the most commonly used words in the English language. Over 50% of words that you read every day are sight words. Kids must learn to read these words just by seeing them, as many of them cannot easily be sounded out. Our list is based on the Dolch sight words list, which was originally created by Edward William Dolch in 1948. He documented the 220 most important "service words" that children need to recognize in order to achieve reading fluency.

Our sight words are broken down into 28 lists which are divided into four different levels. The word list not only contains kindergarten and first grade sight words, it also has sight words for students in second through fifth grade as well. The kindergarten sight words in level one start off with the simplest and most common words found in the English language, like "the", "and", "is" and "me". When you work up to level four, you will find more complex, multi-syllable words that deal with silent letters and more difficult word rules.

Who is using Samson's Classroom?

  • Kindergarten-5th grade teachers, especially those in K-2
  • Reading teachers/specialists at elementary schools
  • Parents of Kindergarten-5th grade students

When compared to other educational software products, Samson's Classroom provides better graphics, a simpler interface and superior statistical tracking. Thanks to these advantages, you will find that your kids are eager to use Samson's Classroom and primed to become exceptional readers. Stop struggling to find the perfect educational tool to help your young readers. Samson's Classroom's umbrella approach using sight words, reading, and spelling modules is a time and money saving combination that can't be beat.

Over 8 million Samson's Classroom games played!

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