About Samson's Classroom

Samson’s Classroom has been used in schools and homes all over the world for more than ten years! Our educational games are designed with kids, parents and teachers in mind. This has led us to create fun and engaging games with rich, high quality animations on a safe and secure web platform, with time-tested lessons and robust reporting.

Samson’s Classroom includes 3 early reader programs. Signing up for any account with us gives you and your little readers access to all 3 programs! These programs include Sight Words with Samson, Spelling with Samson, and Reading with Samson.


"Our team has been using Samson's Classroom to review weekly spelling lessons and reading strategy during our small group Response to Intervention time. We love being able to set up the words the children will be tested on that week. We have noticed that spelling grades have improved and reading levels are showing improvements also. While we are working with small groups (RTI) we know that the other students are engaged with meaningful learning. Thank you so much for such a wonderful program."

Paula Smith
1st Grade Teacher
William Lloyd Meador Elementary School
Willis, Texas

"I just love the fact that during free time in the computer lab my students prefer to go use Samson's Classroom over other online games."

Annette Lopez

New York, New York

"Samson's Classroom has helped my students tremendously. They love visiting the site. It is effortless learning for them. Thanks!"

Linda Baron

New York, New York

"We've been using Samson's Classroom for a little over a year now and we have seen great gains in building sight word recognition, especially with the younger children, and in their ability to spell the words correctly. Once they know the words, they know them backwards and forwards and can read them in all forms of media. The students love the interactive games and earning trophies."

Jennifer Moss
Academic Computer Lab Instructor
Lumpkin County Elementary School
Dahlonega, Georgia

"Samson's Classroom is a great resource. Three of my students have finished all levels and have mastered all 220 Dolch sight words. The five different games help the children master the words. If they are having problems with a word, I just have them do the first activity again so they can learn it. The children really enjoy playing the games."

Jackie Wolfson
1st Grade Teacher

Coxsackie Elementary School
Coxsackie, New York

"I've recommended this to all my friends!"

Brendan Gorman
Floral Park, New York

"Samson's Classroom has been an excellent tool for my students. Teaching students with special needs, I often have a wide range of abilities in my classroom. Samson's has allowed my readers and beginning readers to benefit from the sight words, reading comprehension and spelling areas of the site. Each week I also put our 10 spelling words in for the students to study at school and at home. I love how easy it is for them to access and navigate the site. It has truly made a major impact in improving reading skills in all of my students."

Tommy Collins
Special Education Teacher
Whitewater High School
Fayetteville, Georgia

"After trying it out myself, I was amazed at how fun and educational the games were. So I let my 5 year old daughter give it a try. She begged me to order the Home Plan! She uses it every day!"

Jacqueline Chinappi

"As a teacher, I love the program. My students get excited about coming to the computer lab every day and they do not want to leave. I feel the program has benefitted the students because they are motivated to work, and I have noticed in their reading they are identifying the sight words easily. The program incorporates so much learning in such an efficient manner."

Faith Silvagni
Primary Learning Support
Round Hills Elementary School
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

"I have been using Sight Words With Samson for several years in my capacity as a classroom teacher assigned to first grade and second grade. The program is engaging for the children and very user friendly. It is the drill and practice my students need to strengthen their reading and spelling of sight words. I love being able to track my students' progress, and because it's available online, my students have access to it at school as well as from home. Finances are tight in all schools. With limited resources, we want programs that address the skills, engage the children, and make the most of our investment. This program is worth advocating for."

Elisa Futia
2nd Grade Teacher
Edward J. Arthur Elementary School
Coxsackie, New York

"This program is the best sight words tool available!"

Mrs. Johnson
New York, New York

"My first grader loves Samson."

Janice Wilkinson
San Jose, California